“Judge Me On My Merits”

My guilt
My punishment
My innocence
My vindication
All are part
Of my fate
But I refuse
To take
The rap for
Someone else’s
Misdoings towards
In this world
It is not mine
To take
I am not
Responsible for
Any conflict
That is caused
In my absence
I do not
Need to score
Another check
In the lost column
Losing opportunities
To get ahead
In this life
I am so tired
Of standing
In the middle
Of the road
Looking on
As everything
Drives away
Taking my reputation
Along with it
Tarnishing everything
I stand for
Because of the company
I keep
To judge me
Not because
Of my actions
Is a judgement
That will be
A mistake
No one but me
Defines me
So do not
Give me a verdict
That will
Seal my fate
A jury
A trial
Or evidence
It is not justice
It is not right
I am not
Guilty by association
So please
Do not take
It there
Closing the door
In my face


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