Carrot Cake Cookies

Icing on the Page

ray.liotta.goodfellas.laughingSo with summer finally upon us, we all have our beach bodies ready right?

Yeah, me too. Hard to even write that with a straight face let alone. With so many recipes out there to try and to taste, who needs the beach anyway when you can have CAKE!!!

Lol, but in all seriousness, as much as I love cake, sometimes it can be too filling. Most of us tend to have dessert after dinner and by that time, we are usuallyย full. Cake can push you to the brink of that painful full ( you know where you ate too much and wish you had stopped two bites ago, but it was SOOOOOO good that you had to finish it).

With that feeling in mind, I went in search of an alternative solution to my current desire for carrot cake. My mother has been working on growing a vegetable gardenโ€ฆ

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