I keep
Forgetting my mission
Forgetting my plans
When I try to remember
I just can’t
It feels as if
My mind is full of trash
It has a flashing error
Clear memory
Five seconds
Until a complete crash
I beg you
Please help me
Get back on task
I am tired of walking around in circles
Not remembering
What I came into the next room
To get
It is maddening
Getting up for nothing
Only to remember once
I have climbed back into bed
For sure
This crap is going to make me
Go insane
I feel it
I am merely a few steps away
From being in a padded room
Popping happy pills
With a straight jacket
To match
Come on people you laughing
I bet tomorrow you will be doing
The same
So help me
So I can help you
So we can stay among the sane


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