They do not live under my bed
Hide out in my closet
There are no monsters
Chasing me throughout my dreams
I am not experiencing nightmares
That keeps me up at night
Nothing like that
I just do not sleep properly
It is an exhausting
Reaccuring situation
I would like to stop
I have done everything
To finding a solution
To having a blissful night’s sleep
Before you start questioning me
With impractical nonsense
Know that
I do not have a good reason
To why I am restless at bedtime
Because usually
By my thought process
Dark room
Plush blanket
Should equal
A good night sleep
Sleeping like a baby
Simple right
At last it does not
Starring at the ceiling
Tossing and turning
Frustrating sighs
Throughout the night
Then daylight comes
Which I hate
Because another night is lost


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