I have learned
How to make things easy
By playing with a two sided coin
That never put me in the middle
It allows me
To listen to others
To speak my truth
To never waver indecisively
On important decisions
When I am needed
Before we get too far
To getting to know each other
Developing feelings
You must know
I keep
Far left
Far right positioning
On certain matters
I do not play as a double agent
If I flip my coin
This is where I stand
Coins never choose the middle
I have been a winner in life
I have been a loser in life
I have played a hero
I have played a villain
I have thought very positively
I have thought very negatively
I have been a human
With emotions
I have been a human
Without emotions
I have been a friend
I have been a enemy
In every involvement
With any individual
I have allowed them to pick
Which side of the coin
They stay on
It is an equal opportunity type
Of thing
To equally win
To equally lose
A good thing


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