I do remember
What you told me
My friend
My love
My companion
Fear no longer
I will be there for you
I will get you through this
I am aware of the consquences
Of both of our souls
In limbo
That is why
I am looking
Prepared for when
I hear the sudden silence
Followed by thunder rumbling
Because I know
It is the sign that
A storm of massive destruction
Is brewing
Coming to destroy the world
We have known it to be
So when the confusion starts
The lost
The miserable wonder
Searching for their shattered pieces
I will be there
For you to gather your broken pieces
Before the winds come
From all directions
To sweep in to take them off
To places unknown
I refuse to let you be
One of those damaged people
So I will not let you down
I have your back
I promise this
From this day to infinity
I will love you
Protect you
Your missing pieces
Are mine
I got you
We are both lost


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