Have you ever felt
Out of place
Like you was supposed to be
Born in some other time
Have you ever traveled to a place
Where you have never been before
Yet it feels so familiar
As if you had just come home
I have felt it many times
The strongest connection
That came to me
Was when I traveled to Rome
Something took over my body
I felt like I really belonged
I walked the streets
With excitement
With pride
It was not until
I stood in the colosseum
That my whole body froze
My feet felt like roots
Digging themselves into
The ground
A rush of memories came over me
Flooding my mind
As if I lived in that era
It was all
Triggered by
All the small bread crumbs
I left behind
To encourage my travels
To this distant land
So it could show
This existance of me
That I had unfinished business
Still waiting to be finished
Until I finish it
I will be sentenced to continuing
Into the next existance
Until I get it done
I just
Wonder how many lifetimes
I have to waste
To learn what I am
Destined to be
In this world


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