I know we have not
Spoke in awhile
I have been thinking
How could I approach
This subject of
How I feel towards you
I guess I will
Just come out with it
You may not have been
My best friend
We were friends
At least I thought
I heard a heartbreaking story
Some time ago
That you broke girl code
You still had the nerve
To smile in my face
Call my phone
Try to talk to me
As if you had done
Nothing to me
I just hope you enjoyed him
Yes girl
He told me
The torrid excruciating
Details of your hookup
The side job
You have been hiding
From everybody
At first I thought
He was playing with me
Then I spent time
Thinking it over
He had nothing to gain
By telling me
It made sense
To me
Neither of you
Deserved me
It is over
As long as you leave me alone
I will bury what he told me
But if you call me again
I will crush your world
By telling that part of your life
You have been hiding
Just know
I do not want to be
Not even an associate to you
Forget you ever knew me
Because honey
I do not do love triangles


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