I never believed
In fairytales until I witnessed
One become a reality
It was magical
It just
Jumped off the pages
Right out of a book
Read to me as a little girl
It was everything
It was encouraging
It is slowly convincing
A simple everyday girl
That I can have everything
Including a prince
With a kid or two
Just thinking about it
Gives me goosebumps
That someone is out there
Searching for me
Wanting me
To cross his path
So he can
Sweep me off my feet
Into whirlwind
Love affair
Made for soulmates
I am trying to be patient
I am tired of the bull $hit
That damn
Burger king commercial
Is taunting me
The chanting in my head
I want it
My way
Not helping
My anxiousness
Is at the red line
So I am thinking
I am in need of a vacation
Take myself out the everyday
That is my life
So I can decompress
Release all this weight
From me
So I can be ready for him
To see my heart
In all its glory


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