I blow out
All lit matches
Brought before me
Extinguishing them quickly
Erasing any doubt
About me
As long as I live
Lies will never soar
Like buzzards
Around me
When I leave this realm
This life
This existance
To crossover into the
Next existence
The only thing
About me
That will be
Completely intact
Will be
My name
My reputation
I will have no one
Accusing me of
Stopping my voice
Closing my mouth
Not defending
I will
Speak my truth
Without hesitation
My legacy
I leave
Although mean
Some people say
Will be my
My truth
I refuse to hurt
Anyone with lies
I can not bare
To see that look
Of disappointment
I have had that look
On my face
I know how it feels
To be lied to
So I figured
If I wanted that one thing
The truth
I believe everyone expect
The same
So just tell
The truth once
So as to avoid
What all lies leave
That infinite feeling
Of being deceived
Something beyond hurt
A lifetime of distrust


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