When we met
I thought you was
Someone important
Someone to be respected
But I can not respect
A fraud
A counterfeit
A imitation of a person
That can not handle
The truth
Your sham of a life
Is what it is
A sham
With not substance
Beyond old war stories
You told
That never made it
Into the history books
You disgust me
I am tired of
You walking around
With your chest out
Huffing and puffing
Acting like
A big bad wolf
I do not need to understand
I do not need to try
You make my head hurt
Just listening to you
Telling lies
I only wish you
Stop talking
Breathing out hot air
In my face
If you about it
Be about it
Live in your truth
Face the realness
Of the situation
Do not become a
Scaredy-cat coward
Itching to runaway with
Your tail tucked
Between your legs
Because you can not face
The words coming
Out my mouth


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