I will never be trapped
My mind is fixated
As long as I have
Strong breathing
A heartbeat
Physical strength
Mental stability
Inside of me
Whoever stands between
I will wrestle
I will terminate
Any attempt
To discourage me
From getting where
I desire to be
No one will
Choke the life
Out of me
I reject ever attempt
To have that advantage
Over me
If that is your task
I promise
It will not be easy
To complete
I will keep reaching
I will find a way
I will not be held
Against my will
I will not have
Fear inside of me
Backing down
From this fight
Is not an option for me
Fighting to the death is
I rather die trying
Because I will not
Succumb to defeat
My life is mine
The Almighty gave it to me
It is only his to take


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