Two caged birds
Learning to fly free
Found a friendship
That made us family
True friends
Fighting beside each other
Standing with each other
Sharing our secrets
Leaning on each other
In good and bad times
A friendship that should be
A union where
Truth is express
To each other’s face
Whether we like it
So why are you surprised
By my honesty
I disclosed
How my friendship worked
My disclaimer
Was this
With you
I will fight
Until the end
Of time
If you are justified
In your actions
And right
If you are wrong
You can not fault me
For stating
The obvious
When telling you
The real problem
Is you
That your
Rageful emotions
Is misplaced
That you need to
Face the truth
I am not a friend
Willing to
Puff you up
To fight
Because I want
To see you
At your best
I protect mines
I refuse to
Allow an injustice
Of you getting hurt
I will not let you
Act out of stupidity
I keep your best interest
At heart
Keeping you leveled headed
Is part of my job
So you can make
Better choices
No matter what
I have your back
I will say things
You do not want
To hear
That no one else
Is willing to say
To you face
I refuse to be a cowardest
Being afraid
To make that choice
Putting you in a position
To fight over stupid stuff
Because I did not
Tell you
It was not right
My thing is
I believe
If fighting
Must be done
It will
Be our last resort
When a immanate threat
Is standing face to face
With us
With no way out
We have to
Fight for our life


β€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.

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