Time may be unlimited
But life for us
It is not
We are born
At a specific time
Only to live
For an undetermined
Amount of time
Eventually to die
Ending our time
On Earth
So I wish
Some people would
Face their actions
Take responsibility
Clear their consciousness
Not go to
Their deathbed
They are conveying
A false impression
Of themselves
No one ask
To be born
But when we are
We depend on
Rely on
Bringing life
Into this world
To get their crap together
In a relationship
One nightstand
On a break
Friends with benefits
Not sure of the relationship
Who cares
It does not matter
The creation of this
Little innocent creature
The nature of life
Is to have growth
Through experiences
Maturity after
The stupidity of immaturity
When choosing
Becoming parents
Bringing new life
Into this crazy world
We live in
Even with
The stress
All the uncertainties
The dangers
This world has
This is not
The world’s problem
This problem
You created
You laid down
Deciding not to protect
At the time
Not considering
Eventhough it
Felt so good
Did not mean
A baby was not impossible
To produce
You need a refresher
On sex education
If you did not have
The vision
The forethought
A child
Could be a possibility
After going at it
Without protection
That is not 100%
Unless you are sterile
Then that is
A bullet dodged
But still
Why risk it
Only to wait
Until the baby is born
To deny it
Wasting precious time
Speaking falsely
Uttering untruth knowingly
You did
The deed
Get a DNA
End speculation
Because it is
Too many secrets
Walking around
Without answers
Because of continued
Between immature parents
Their denial of
Their Olympic
Sex escapades events
In their youth


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