The struggle is real
My body is playing
With me
Pretending to be
A tortoise
Ponderously moving
As if it is trapped
In slow motion
I feel spacey
Why is it
No change that
What is happening
My eyelids are such weaklings
I am continuously fighting
To keep them open
Why do they keep closing
When I am
Instructing them
Not to
This poisonous drug
That flows throughout my system
Is forcing me to
Lose my footing
I am drifting in and out
Of consciousness
It feels as if
I am leap frogging
Through a mild delirium
My drug pusher
Umm I mean
My doctor
Keep prescribing
To my symptoms
Saying it
Would help me
Yet all I see is
This being just
Guess work
All the while
Putting me into
The governmental system of
Just drug them
With approval
It is ridiculous
That it boils down
To being
All about
The exchange of money
A false promise
Of taking away
Pain permanently
When did this life
Get so difficult
With all this legalized
Drug pushing


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