Sadly on their part
A friendship lost
A few people could not
Handle it
A few people got lost
Along the way
But what
They can never say
Damn that chick was fake
She was a liar
That was not me
My thing is
Weakness is pretending
To be someone else
So I present to you
A double-edged sword
Truth and honesty
I speak it
Precisely on a regular
When I am asked
I never volunteer it
It is not my task
To call out everyone
Or put them on blast
But fair warning
Truth you want
Truth you get
I do not waver
Just because your feelings
May crack
And splinter into pieces
It is not cruelty
To be exact
Just because
You are not use to it
Do not shoot the messenger
You came to me
You asked
It is
From my perspective
From the information
From what you said
It came out your mouth
You said you did it
Why are you so mad
Stop being angry
That I did not agree
Or stroked your ego
There there
You hate me
I can live with that
I have no regrets
Wrong is wrong
Right is right
Like they say
Truth hurts
Those not willing
To hear it
Will bite the dust


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