It is
Much more
More stubborn
Than the rest
Of my body
It pushes harder
Than ever
To move at
A fast pace
Refusing to
Give up
And rest
For a second
Give a couple
Of winks
At best
To allow
My body to
Gain back
Its strength
So it
Can carry out
The attack
I just want
To give my
Best efforts
To get ahead
So I can
Reach my destiny
Set for me
But somehow
My Mind
My Body
Are lost
All the begging
My body does
Asking to
Slow down
Falls on
Deaf ears
I feel my
Is growing
At a very
Rapid pace
And if I
Make one more
Will come over me
Collapsing me
Where I stand
And there
I will fall
Into a deep sleep
Finally getting
My rest


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