I keep
Out of
Your business
I wish you
Do the same
Then things
Will be
Between us
I do not
Care about
What you do
Who you do
What you have
How you got it
It is your life
Live it
I only care
When you
My reputation
My family
My life
Into your messiness
Because you are
And looking for company
To join you
You think because
I am quiet
It is my weakness
Let me
Explain this
To you
This is an
Equal opportunity
For anyone
Who lies
For attention
If you want to
Feel the wrath
Of my temper
Keep gossiping
Spreading lies
Without factual
I will give it
To you
The first time
Will be shown
When I signal
Into your lane
To warn you
Then after that
All bets are off
If you continue
Making empty
Against you
Is not
On my menu
I am ordering
The main course
Which will be
The destruction
Of all
Prime targets
Who plan
To harm me
For no other reason
Otherthan boredom


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