I am not
To be treated
Like dirty laundry
You peel off
Here and there
Without a care
After walking
Through the door
I do not belong
On the floor
To be stepped on
Each and every day
As you walk
From here to there
I do not want
To be kicked
Under the bed
Forgotten and
Gathering filth
That will
Never get cleaned
And definitely
I do not
Want to be
That guest sleeping
On the couch
That never leaves
Laying there
Day and night
Not contributing
To the house
I would never
Treat you
Like an object
With no feelings
I deserve
The same
Stop thinking
You can
Throw away
Or replace me
Without it
Making me feel
You are not committing
A wicked act
Of total disrespect
My value
Should be clear
If you was not
I have been here
I had your back
But your old
Of taking
Good soul
And breaking
Them down
Has you
Craving to do
Me some harm
I never deserved


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