The two
Deadliest people
The Assassin
That kills
For no reason
Other than money
The Bodyguard
That protects
Killing only
When provoked
When someone
Tries to
Their boss
While guarding them
Are inside
Of each person
Making them
The perfect weapon
To defend
In its path
That cause harm
To its master
All feelings are
Locked away
In order
To think
With precision
So the hard
Can be made
Without hesitation
After the brain
Has sensed danger
The only mission
Is to
Restore balance
At any cost
To guarantee
The heart
A fighting chance
To beat again
Without limits
I just say
As a warning
Do not
Wake up
The machine
Called the brain
I do not
Know what
It is capable of
But I know
Its agenda
Is to preserve
So evil
Will not
Take over
And cause
Permanent blindness
You to see
The good
In anybody


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