No one
Is giving
Out manuals
On how
To accomplish
Your dreams
Many childhood
Are getting broken
And crushed
So let us recap
When you was
A child
The sky
Could not
Limit you
You wanted
The galaxy
Filled with
All the stars
Every planet
To be
That was
Close to
To be someone
Bigger than life
Living out
Your dreams
Being who
You wanted
To be
Your creativity
Was on point
It was filled with
And innocence
Your imagination
Had no limits
You could be
Everything was
At your fingertips
But something
Through trial
And tribulations
While becoming
An adult
Reality started
To diminish
Your plans
Turning them
Into a nightmare
You got scared
Of the dark
You began
To settle
Being consumed
Into your life
You turned into
Who did
Out of necessity
Moving further away
From the light
You did not
You had to
Do hard labor
To get
Where you
Wanted to be
In life
Everyone has to
Pay their dues
One way
Or another
Some may have
To pay more
Than others
That is just
Your price
To your success
Do the work
Or settle
It will
Always be
Your choice
Life has
No manual
So stop
Looking for it
To find guidance


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.

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