I never
Hated someone
Or something
As much as I do
No one understand
Why I feel
The way I do
I won’t call
Them human
I’m calling
It out
To a showdown
At noon
Once it’s
Been crossed
My list
It can
Move along
Go to
It’s going to
I got others
To get to
I’m finishing
What everyone
To do
And banishing
The evil
That came
With you
I say
Satan be gone
Out my life
And tomorrow
You are
Not welcomed
In my house
Or in my presence
And my heart
It’s not yours
There is
No forgetting
What you’ve done
Come hell
Or high water
I’m going
To go
Where you
Don’t want
To go
I’m coming
With vengeance
And wrath
Is in tow
Both wanting
A piece
Of the action
To get at you
I’m looking for
What’s hiding
Inside you
You’re smelling
Like crap
And it’s
You better
Be ready
To fight
To the death
Or tell me
The information
Needed to
Spare your life
No bullshitting
I got things
To do


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