I opened
Two boxes
And can’t close them
Those damn
Shiny boxes
Were so tempting
I released a plague
Out of them
It’s twisting and turning
My life
And crumbling it
I’m fighting
To climb
From the depths of
This Earth
My @ss is burning
This can be heaven or hell
For me
On this new journey
I feel like I am caught
Between a rock
And a hard place
And it’s killing me
My blessings
And curses
Are mixed up
Confusing me
If I walked away
To catch my breath
And stop from spinning
I’m suffocating from
Lack of air
I’m seeing things
That have different meaning
I won’t allow
No one
To break me
Break my heart
And tell me lies
Of who I was to them
And who they believe
I am
To be
I am not that person
I used to be
Bright eyed
And bushy tailed
And cuddly
I have a way
About me
I am cautious
With my curiosity
It’s so much
To take in my mind
It’s overwhelming
I don’t know where to start
At the beginning
At the end
To this story
A drama series
That won’t end
Or die off easily


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