There is a foreign object
In my chest
Its been there
For a long time
The pain
Has dulled
But the nuisance of it
Is causing
In my breathing
The doctor said
He can not give me
Anymore time
Emergency surgery
Is set for today
To remove
A dead piece
Of my heart
That is you
I’m ready
To risk it all
To be free
I need
To let go
So I can
Without the toxicity
That is killing me
I can not longer be
Second to last
I’m not excepting
Your foolery
Your intentions
To break me
It is over
Is unacceptable
Not an option
If the cost
Is losing
My dignity
It’s too high of a price
Of being your lady
Only on special occasions
I am no one’s accessory
I am an original
One of a kind
Refusing to be
Boxed up
Collecting dust
Looking pretty
You don’t
Play with me
On a daily
The world
Is at my door
All I need is to


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