I wasn’t loved
By my family
They were abusive
After awhile
It is all excuses
To not
Be accountable
For yourself
At this minute
The guilt game
Only effects
Those that feel emotions
You need to realize
You are not
Your past transgressions
Your situation
Although tragic
Must be put to rest
No one has
A hold on you
As much as you do
Engrained into your brain
Yet the keys to your chains
Are in your hands
Or extended family
If they are
In the same mindset
They won’t help you
Unshackle yourself
Release that innocent child
That was you
From all those past fears
Tears and sadness
You’ve grown to be somebody
And you fought
With determination
Not to be the people
That cause this tragedy
One day came
And it was kismet
You crossed my path
I was able to
Give what you needed
Pure energy
That filled
What was almost
An empty vessel
Start your healing
It’s now up to you
To nourish it
Are emotions
You will be feeling
In waves
On a daily
The tomorrow’s thereafter
Just be open
To receiving it
It’s not complex
Take care of you
Give thanks
That you made it through
You are
Where you should be
Standing before
Your future
And potential
Don’t let a biological disaster
Called your DNA
Keep a hold of
Who you want to be
Where you want to be
And how you are continuing
To get there
Your protectors
Came in all forms
Guiding you
Helping you to function
Until this moment
Where you need to
Forgive them
For the sake of you
So you can
Stop concentrating
On a scared child
Afraid of the boggie monster
It’s time to
Relax into your new found spirit
Relate to your present happy self
Release all of the negativity
Of once being defeated
That person
That taught you
In your past
To hate
Was evil and vindictive
And the new person
Teaching you presently
To love
Is compassionate and loving
Move on
And live your life
In spite of
The ones that
Refused to support
Love and cherish you
They are irrelevant


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