I’ve been threatened
With empty threats
My whole life
I was never afraid
Of her
She would
Always tell me
If I wasn’t her child
I’d be dead long ago
I won’t tell any lies
I did test her
Whenever I felt
A need for adrenaline
To run like the wind
So she didn’t catch me
I actually thought
I saw hot scalding steam
Come out of her
It was so comical
Bursting out of her head
Capable of making
Third degree burns
All over my body
Yet I have no wounds
Or a dysfunctional relationship
Was never called
I was always too slippery
I’m all grown up
The same individual
In a supersized package
No longer a child
Now a woman
But I know she’ll always
Have an open contract
On me
And in fine print
It states
She’s the only one
That has permission
To take my life
As she was the one
That gave it to me
That woman
I call Mama
She knows
Who I am
And knows my attitude
Falls between
Mean $itch
And don’t care
Very frequently
I am
What her
And her village
Raised me to be
A great mixture
Of no nonsense
No drama
A lot of Love
Straight truth
A whole lot of honesty
Very thoroughly
I’m not perfect
By any means
Never have been
Never will be
I have my hang ups
Nonchalant attitude
Speak my mind
Without a filter
Mind my own
Damn business
Maneuvering through life
To not
Be put
In anybody’s
Bull $hit
You will never
Catch me
Ear hustling
A conversation
I barely listen
To the person
Talking directly
To me
I zone out
On a regular
I lack the ability
To keep
My attention
Focused on
The blah blah blahs
Everyone sound like
Charlie Brown’s teacher
I am not pretending
To be
Mother Teresa
I have no mission
To save
The world
The only agenda
Thus far
Is making
Sure my crazy lady
That was born to birth me
Has what she needs
She will never need
To beg from
The first and last in line
Taking on the
I don’t know
How to be selfish
She asks for it
I take care of it
Will never be
Something I can’t manage
We grew up
As kids
Side by side
Thick as thieves
No distance
Is too far
To travel
When my heartbeat
Skips a beat
Or flatlines
I’m dropping everything
Running as if I was an Olympian
Breaking record
Breaking time
Winning the gold medal


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