By: Yellowbonewonda

My body
Is betraying me
Taking me through
So much pain
And confusion
I am asking
Why is this
I have some messed up
Things inside of me
Fighting against
Each other
They hate being
Part of a happy system
Working together
To have a healthy body
It’s a mental
And physical war
With no end
I’m at my wits end
I’ve tried everything
That was humanly possible
It is time
To resort
To something
Very radical
I am putting in
An ad for
A mad genius
Into making good on
Unimaginable procedures
That will take
On the impossible task
To detach my head
From my shoulders
While keeping me alive
My body stop acting
As if its my worst enemy
Who knows
Why my
Immune system
Blood circulation
Are doing
Their own thing
Causing trouble
And messing up
My delusion of harmony
I thought
I was
Doing good
On my upkeep
Giving relaxation sessions
Cheat days
Of giving in to
Whatever it was craving
I guess not
This is too much to bare
Almost unforgivable
This head of mine
Does not have good intentions
Its killing me
From the inside
Very slowly
It’s torturous
There is
A weight on my shoulders
As if I’m carrying
Mount Everest
I am sinking
Under the Earths surface
The sun is disappearing
I’m living into darkness
My eyes are half massed
I’m walking like the living dead
I feel all types of pressure
From my head
To the bottom of my feet
It’s surrounding me
Suffocating me
Getting closer
Too close
I’m sick to my stomach
This pressure
Is driving me
To be psychotic
I’m unable to think clearly
There is not rationale
In my ranting
I just want
To be pardoned
From this prison
I can not do a lifetime
With my body
On a rampage
Making its own decisions
Causing so much pain
That it is mind blowing
Help me before
It’s too late
To save me

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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