“Nameless Bullets”


Afraid of falling
From a high place
With no safety net
Tired of walking on a tight rope

Afraid all the time
Of the man she has loved
Her whole life
She finally gained the courage

Did what was best for her
She saved herself
By climbing down
To safe ground

Walking out of the circus
That was
Called her life

Fed up with the lies
Cheating and abuse
She decided it was time to go
She had everything ahead of her

New place
New job
New beginning
Yet old troubles still following her

Lost in his tunneled vision
As he loaded up his gun
Driving over thirty miles
To kill her

He couldn’t let her go
He couldn’t be happy for her
He couldn’t control her
Like he use to

A weak minded vengeful man
Stalking his ex girl’s
New found happiness
He thought by doing this

It would prove he was the only one
Capable of loving her
In his twisted mind
Hearing echoing voices repeating

If I can’t have you
No one will
He took aim
Shooting through a crowd

Missing the target
His mind was set on
Once the crowd
Heard the shots

Everyone Scattered
Running and ducking
Crying and searching
For a safe place to hide

Then there was silence
A body fell
He killed

The wrong girl
A mother
A daughter
A friend

Minding her own business
He had not seen her due to blindness
And rage that built up inside of him
Holding it for months after his Ex left him

He is outraged
She’s still alive
And oblivious that he killed
An innocent

Behind bars
Life sentenced
Kept alive
So he can replay

The images of his madness in his head over and over
Knowing his life is at an end
And she has moved on
Putting back together her new found freedom

Not looking over her shoulder anymore
No longer searching for the man
That said he loved her
Then tried to kill her


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