A thief
Came in the night
While I was sleeping
Stole what was irreplaceable
When he could not find
My valuables
My money
My gold
Or my diamonds
In my house
He stole my prize possession
My heart
From a hidden safe
I was devastated
Fearing the worst
I was empty
Feeling nothing
But lost
I reported it to the police
Calling on the media
To help
I had a volunteer search team
Around the clock
I hired a private eye
To find this crook
I posted flyers
With pictures
On every window
And tree trunk
In all surrounding counties
Begging this stranger
To return
It immediately
It’s mine
And it’s killing me
Every minute
It is not with me
I will give about anything
A handsome reward
Fit for a king
All my possessions
But to no recourse
All my requests
Went on deaf ears
I began
Wishing for death
How can I go
Through life
Without my heart
As days went by
I got ransom letters
That didn’t ask
For money
He said
He wanted me
And not just part of me
All of me
I wasn’t ready to give that
To this stranger
That took the best part of me
This horrible
Hold he has on me
Keeps me up at at night
I can not eat
Thinking about
How much
He’s asking from me
This is not an easy
To give to a stranger
My priceless treasure
My heart
More than life itself
How can I trust
A thief
That has
Taken and hidden it
In a place
Unknown to me
I want what is mine
My heart
I need it
To me
In my hands
Put back
Under lock and key
From heartbreak
And life devastation
At least for
A moment
So I can just breath


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