Drink me
Eat me
Devour me
Need me

Give me the hidden
Part of you
No one has seen

It’s the secret
You’ve been
From everyone

But because
I’m special
A missing piece of you
The One

You’ve dreamt about
All of your life
You will give it to me

You will feel
You are drowning
And you will need
To kiss me

To breathe
Because only
Through me
You can live

Kiss me like
You mean it
With all of your
Inner being

Your spirit
Your soul
That is filled with
Untapped passion

Love and lust
That will scare you
To know it was
Built up

Only for me
And no one else
Give me
All of you

That no one
Has ever had a chance
Of seeing
Feeling or experiencing

I want to be
One to drain you
Of your misery

Your Hurt
Your anger
Recharging you
With all of me

Filling your emptiness
Quenching your thirst
With my energy
As you come into my embrace
Let me be
Your paradise
The island
You come to

That no one
Knows about
That allows you be
Happy and hungry

For my touch
My love
My essence
I will be your fantasy

Your reality
Your refuge
That you escape to
From all the craziness

You face
In this world
That take away
Your mental stability

– Yellowbonewonda

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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