This society
Is continually
Going down
The crapper
More and more people
Are not taking
Personal responsibility
Of their actions
The entitlement
Some people have
Their priorities
Are screwed up
Just me
People use sex
As recreation
Jumping bed to bed
With strangers
Just unzip
And there you go
Going at it
Jack rabbits
It’s almost
A fading memory
When people
Would get
To know
Each other
Falling in love
Getting married
And having a family
There is no more
Love making
Just screwing
Each other’s
Brains out
Not caring
About the consequences
Sexual diseases
Without a cure
That kill
Or lifetime commitments
With the wrong
Damn person
Populating a world
That is already dying
From Pollution
And pure ignorance
It’s too many
Mama’s babies
Daddy’s maybes
Sleeping around
So much
Not knowing
Who is her child’s daddy
Or she knows
Who he is
And he denies
All accusations
They never slept together
He wore a condom
And if he didn’t
Wear a condom
Saying his pull out
Game is on point
He can’t be the daddy
This is not a game
A child is involved
Baby mama drama
Deadbeat dads
Unwanted babies
Unfit parents
Just because
They didn’t want
It’s just
Too much
Just take
Personal responsibility
Keep your legs closed
Clothes on
Take sex
Out of the equation
And get to know
Who you are
Dealing with
Avoiding consequences
Of a few exciting
Or disappointing minutes
That could cause misery
For the rest
Of your life
Or better
Yet kill you


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