I’ve always been
To a fault
With everyone
Saying what’s on my mind
With no regrets
I have no built
Up aggressions
Anyone can sense
You’ve done something
To me
And you will know
How I’m feeling
I don’t do fakeness
I know who I am
It’s only
One thing
About me
I can not explained
My mother and I
Have always questioned
Why kids
Are mesmerized by me
I’m a worldwide sensation
Everywhere I travel
Around the world
Children stare at me
As if they are seeing something
Even for them
It’s as if
They are catatonic
No voice
No words
No type of communication
I try to break the ice
By making jokes
Asking them
Is cake on my face
And when the child says nothing
I wave good-bye
Walking away
Knowing their reaction
To search for me
When I’m out of their sight
Almost breaking their neck
The parent is amazed
Their child
Takes to a stranger
So easily
Laughing in a nervous laugh
As their child
Sit in their stroller
In a trance
Still smiling
But not saying nothing
The answers I get
From the older generation
Babies and toddlers
Guardian angels
Or evil spirits
I know it’s guardian angels
Around me
Causing the look on their face
It’s not fear
It is pleasant
And soothing to them
I’ve stopped babies
From crying
Throwing tantrums
With just showing my face
Silencing them
As if I had
An on and off switch
In a glance
Putting them at ease
Only when I leave
They snap out of it
Resuming to being their self


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