You almost made me
Come out
Of my character
From being a lady
To become something
Much worst
A scorned woman
Out for blood
An evil incarnate
Looking for ways
To torture you
I will be that predator
Playing with my meal
Until you feel
The intensity of my wrath
Taking chunks of flesh
From your body
Waiting for you to wish
for death
But before the horns raised
My claws sharpened
And my blood thirst
Became uncontrollable
The thoughts of revenge
I began laughing
Snapping back into character
What my mother told me
If you’ve out grown your toys
Then give them to the needy
Since you can’t keep it
In your pants
Your price tag is free
To fight over a man
A cheater
A liar
That used my love
As a weapon against me
Spoon feeding me lies
Of women
Coming on to him
And he was so overwhelmed
He just fell into bed with them
Thinking I was a fool
To believe him
Acting as if he didn’t
Have self control
But if the shoe
Was on the other foot
He would leave me
So I’m being the better
Of the two of us
Walking away
Giving him
His freedom
To chase for twenty
Losing your eighty
So when you see me happy
With another
Please keep moving
Never looking back at me


β€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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