It was something about the rain
That energized
Comforted me
As a child
I would love to play in it
Running back and forth
Splashing in it
And trying to dodge
Every drop
That eventually hit me
In my face
Causing me to
Laugh so hysterically
For no other reason but pure happiness
And the joy of being free
I was a child having fun
No electronic devices
No tv
Just outside
Having fun
Doing my one and only job
Being a kid
Doing my best
At playing
Laughing and enjoying
A child’s life
To the extreme
Holding nothing back
As puddles would gather
In certain places
I would have no other choice
To find the biggest puddles
That would get me in the most trouble
Getting soaked
From head to toe
To a point
It looked as if
I had been swimming
It was a wonderful thing being innocent
I miss it so dearly
Because the day that my innocence vanished
It was hardly even noticed
As I developed from child to a teenager
Becoming the most unappreciative
Of what made me fearless
The best part of me
My inner child spirit
I started neglecting
And stop nurturing
So it could grow
To develop into a better me
Instead I became
Very skeptical
Losing the meaning of life’s
Important lesson
To live it to the fullest
Without a care
Of anyone’s opinion
Being carefree
With a vivid imagination
That took me to a mystical places
While wearing
My rose colored glasses
That made my life look so beautiful
Without any restraints
Constricting my creativity
With no fears of failure
Just trying and trying
Until I got better at it
So today I begin my journey
To recapture my magic
Recovering what I was meant to be
An unstoppable
Unpredictable woman
That is capable
Of running
With true direction
Pushing the very limits
To getting to my final destination
And winning my prize
In finding
My greatest power
Buried so deep inside of me


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