I’ve always been that person
To sit back and observe
To see who will have my back
When I’m pinned against
The wall
Unable to move
Or call out
Because my screams have been muffled
I just pray
That the people
That know me
As a special individual
Always will have
The best of intentions
Being the ones
That will always
Come to my rescue
You have to be picky
These days
Because you have a lot of people
With no conscious and evil ambitions
It’s sad you have to
Do a FBI investigation
Into the background
Of those you let into
Your inner circle
Some stragglers
Are illusionist
That will play on your emotions
Pretending to be wounded
When they are actually
Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Coming to dinner
To devour your life
Displaying your secrets
To enemies that want to hurt you
Just to make their life
Look a little better
So wake up
People are creatures of habit
And will have no other choice
To remove their mask
And show who they really are
And when you see this
Stop your denial
You can not continue
To be so accepting
Constantly giving excuses
Oh it’s just “Susan”
And “Susan” is the one
Spreading your secrets
And blatantly being disrespectful
True friends or family members
That are really genuine
Will support
You in every effort
Being proud
And cheering
For you and what you’ve accomplished
Out of support and pure love
Without hesitation
Keeping your secrets
As if they were their secrets
For all their living days


โ€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.โ€

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