What do you stand for
When you have no foundation
Or a backbone
That will help you to take chances
To be a better person
That will contribute
And gain value to your existence
You live in the past
Bringing your old baggage with you
To new relationships and new people
That had nothing to do
With your previous mistreatment
You compare everything
Someone else did to you
Calling the new person
On everything they do
Because you never had the chance
To voice your anger
To the perpetrators
That it should have been directed to
Giving the brunt of your hurt
To the undeserving
Causing conflict and misery
To a situation
That didn’t deserve
To be handled
With venomous intent
To kill someone’s spirit
Because you didn’t handle
Your own mental issues
That you developed
Long before anyone else met you
Future people didn’t hurt you
You was the other person’s victim
A new person has no clue
How screwed up
You truly are
So you need to step back
Reevaluate the choices
You are making
And realize
That in not fixing
Your mental instabilities
Your causing harm to everyone
Around you
You must stop playing the victim
After the first chance you gave
And they
Then took you for granted
Again and again
You made
That concusious decision
To continue your repeating pattern
This havoc is damaging
If you don’t confront it
It’s time that you take control
Of you and your emotions
Acknowledge those deep down open scars
Finding a way to heal them
Better yet
Just mourn your lost


Give it the proper Viking burial
Lighting that crap into flames
Stand steadfast
To witness it
Becoming ashes
And getting blown away
Allowing the broken you
To fly away with it


β€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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