I hate that
In my life
I have to come across
People that are the most

These dim-witted
Cracked egged
Scrabbled brain
Slow rising

The most unnerving
That test everyone’s patience

You feel the urge to choke
The life out of them
But you can’t
Because you’re too pretty

Who wants to go to prison
To be big Bertha’s
New girlfriend
I don’t

They make it so hard
To hold on to your sanity
Common sense is a rare thing
To come across

It’s as if these people
Got tired of waiting in line
To get issued theirs
They complained so much

Talking theirself into
The worst possible choice
Saying it’s not worth it
To wait

Believing the common sense line
Could be overlooked
That the risk was
In their favor

To climb up stupid mountain
They thought was a shortcut
Leaving the line
And going to another line

That was moving faster
Avoiding another skill
A fundamental

If they read the sign
Before getting in line
They would have noticed
It was a line for kids amusement

A distraction for them
A clown making
Funny shaped balloons
And it was free

But these people
Paid the ticket sales person
By signing over the rights
To their soul

To jump ahead
Insisting it’s what
They needed most
Filling their heads with

Generic air
And just floating through life
A burden on society

Causing companies
To make simple
Everyday rules
Putting up dumb down signs

Making those with
Common sense
Say uh Duh
But I guess

You have to post them
To protect the senseless
So they don’t harm theirself
Or those around them


β€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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