It’s time to
Figure out your malfunction
Why are you afraid
To ask for help
Ask for what you want
Ask questions
To get answers
To problems
You can’t solve
It’s better to ask for guidance
Instead of running
Into the dark
Stumbling over everything
Because your ego
Stopped you from
Asking where was the light
Don’t you realize
The odds are
Practically in your favor
It’s a fifty fifty chance
To it going your way
Yet you keep your mouth closed
Over thinking
The what Ifs
Now your ambition
Is dying
And you’re overflowing
With resentment
Cursing everything and everyone
In your path
Like it was their hand
That covered your mouth
Just look down
It’s your own
That stopped you from talking
That stopped you from asking
It’s your own fault
The blame is not theirs
Stop being so spiteful
Hating on those
That are getting
What they asked for
It’s time to
Realize the truth
They did something
You couldn’t
Opened their mouth
And spoke with confidence
Not timid
Not shy
Not passing up
The promotion
They worked hard for
Like you did
Now you are standing in the corner
Glaring and hissing
Huffing and puffing
Like a two year old
Pissed because you didn’t get your candy
Unless you want to live you life
Behind the scenes
As an unknown
What they would have said
If you voiced your concerns
No one reads minds
No one sees the quiet ones
They are looking for leaders
That stand out
They want fighters
Because fighters are survivors
They’ve learned early in life
There is no shame in asking
Yes or no questions


β€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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