What is love
To a person that has
Never experienced it
Or known it

In its purest form
There are many
Who have confused it
As having possession of a person

Wanting to hold them
Against their will
As if they are a trophy
Or using them for their own reasons

That are not kosher
Playing a dangerous game
That leaves people scorned
Vindictive and murderous

It’s something
That so many people confuse
And are blind
To seeing how damaging

It is to them
Doing things
Out of character
Stalking their significant other

On social media
In real life
Begging them to return
To them at any cost

Diminishing their dignity
Fighting other people
Unaware of their relationship because they were never told about them

Either STOP fighting the wrong person
And start correcting the one
That says
They love you

Or do one better
Start questioning
Your partner’s true intentions
On your future

To save yourself
Or close your eyes
To the truth that this is not your truest love

It’s not suppose to be so hard
And it’s not going to be easy
It’s going to take work
Because of two different personalities


The truest of love
It’s an unconditional

You can’t force it
On a person
That doesn’t feel
That magically feeling

It’s a locked door
To a place
Only one person
Has the key for

It’s not easy
To have
But easy to lose
If it’s not taken care of

With care
And given
Sunshine to

It’s a high
It can make you
Feel like
Your flying

And crashing
At the same time
You to the core

Being the worst feeling
When you’re hurting
And the best feeling
When you’re on cloud nine

Love can not be bought
It’s something that is given
Without hesitation
Without alternative motivation

Not used as a tool
To get materialistic things
But something
More precious than gold


โ€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.โ€

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