You must
First save yourself
Pulling yourself to safety
Then lend a hand to pull up another
Forming a chain to bring them all up
So no one dies
If you are lost and confused
Unable to see what direction
Your life should go
How are you able to guide others
Giving advice
Giving all you have
But not leading by example
Achieving your goals
You take on responsibilites
That are not your own
You are giving
When you don’t have nothing to spare
You are struggling
While trying to save the world at the same time
Wondering what you are doing wrong
And why you are not getting nowhere
It’s just at that moment
You should take the time to step back
Reevaluate your situation
Reevaluate your mindset
Reevaluate everything that has you tredding water
So you can fix the problem
You’ve dug yourself into
You must know
Sometimes it’s best to say no
To the many
That hold their hand out
So you can build yourself up
So you can be in a place to help others
It’s not to say you’re being selfish
But you have to be realistic
Just for awhile
So you won’t be on the other end
Fighting for your life
Just think
And not react
Until you have a solid plan
We can drown
Or I can make sure
I’m in a position to
Help both of us
Some people can block their
By passing up on the blessings
Meant only for them
By helping another person
In the same situation
Common sense would be
If you are floating in the same waters
With no lifeboat or lifevest
As everyone else
You must question
How are you in a position
To help them
Without drowning in the process
You can’t save everyone
But you can kill everyone including yourself
As you give a hand
To one person
As support
Another will reach
And so will another
Pushing you under
The water to lift their self up
In a panic
Because they all need help
Survival insincts always will kick in
Survival of the fittest
Will be set in their minds
Without realizing that they are killing
Those trying to help save them


โ€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.โ€

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