We have fought so hard
To get to this place
Of peace and clarity
Through many trials and tribulations

That tempted us
With confusion
Lack of trust
Forgetting who we were in this marriage

We must keep our promise
To tender our flame
That burns
So deep inside us

From this day on
Let’s enjoy each other
Discovering the deepest part of love
No one could have imagined

Forget all that surrounds us
Please hold my hand
Stand side by side
To the edge

As we jump together
Diving into the deepest depths of life
As man and wife
United and bound forever


Our faith was tested
We nearly lost it all
Evil demons was playing for our souls
Using our mouths

To say hurtful things
They were focused on
Destroying our strong foundation
We both had doubts

We had lost our way
Traveling two different paths
Being complacent
Forgetting to cherish us as a whole

When made a promise
To go on this journey
Together forever
For eternity

We stopped doing for one another
We stopped loving what
Brought us together
It was flashes of happiness

That saved us
It kept shining through
The pitch black darkness
Images of us smiling and laughing

It warmed the coldness
I felt for you
On a daily
I had to get over the anger

To fight through the obstacles
To get us back
And from the thing
That was making us strangers

We stopped being serious
About our future
our love
Even the thought of being together

We were over thinking
Letting evil in our heads
I couldn’t let something
So insignificant

To obliterate
What we built together
Our love Our unity
Our faith Our bond

Let’s forgive
Our misgivings
We survived
The ultimate test

No one one Earth can come
Between us
And nothing beyond this Lifetime can
Break us apart

We have a second chance
To get back the gift
We once were
For one another


โ€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.โ€

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