With his silver tongue
Talking alot of game
Denying every child
Knowing he deliberately
Impregnated them
Playing the game
That baby ain’t mine
Like denial will erase
All the wrong they both did together
He’s not a family man
He does not want to be a father or
A dad
Just a sperm donor
She’s in denial
Trying to change someone that can not be changed
Playing the card
I was in love with him
Not taking on her responsibility
To prevent this man
From making her a statics
Half the time girls
Know this type of man is untrustworthy
He is
Cranking out babies
As if his penis
Was a penial assembly line
He has done it for so long
He has stop caring about
Making sure renegade swimmers
Don’t produce kids
He’s lost count of how many
He has left behind
To be without a father
Or a role model
His idea is to populated half the world
Not caring who suffers
In the aftermath
Just leaving his children
To be raised by young girls
All over the world
With no means to support
A new child or herself properly
Depending on her family
Or the system
To take care of a child
That was
Made by two
It’s a pity
These guys
Have avoided responsibility
Like a plague
No good
Slick talking
Broke down
With no money
No job
And definitely no spine
With a honors degree
From the college
Of don’t wrap it up
Because it just don’t feel the same
Girls need to stop falling for the game
Guys need to stop being the sperm dad
And abandoning their kids
Or wrap it up and stop bringing kids into a world of absentee dads


โ€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.โ€

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