It’s time to plot
Be conning
Be a mastermind
And get what’s mine

My dreams have been
Getting away from me
For far too long
They are much further away than usual

As if they are running and hiding
Into the darkest of places
So I can not find them
I refuse to let them escape from me

It will not happen
No more
I promise

I am a beast
At the top of the food chain
Looking down from the best vantage point
Of the mountain

With the sun at my back
So it will be hard to see me coming
An ultimate predator
I am

On a mission
To devour all my dreams
I’m stalking them one by one

Like they are my prey
Ready to pounce on them
Using my claws to rip them open
To get to the best parts


Just to feed on them
Slowly so I can taste every flavor
Layer by layer
Taking me to those places of

Those dreams have no chance

I am definitely
Going to make them a reality
I’m on to their scent
I want them so badly

I can taste them
I’m salivating when
Remembering how they would
Make me do a happy dance in my chair at the dinner table

To the music playing
Only in my head
This time nothing can stop me
But myself

I’m not stopping until I get all of them
None of them get a pass
My dreams
Will be my nourishment
Making me a more powerful ferocious beast


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