My biggest heartbreak
Is losing someone
That I’ve made room for
In my heart
A place that has limited access
With few members
I open that door
Slowly and cautiously
And those that are privileged
To enter
I hold closest to my heart
I am devastated by the fact
When they have to leave me
For eternity
I understand when it’s your time
It’s what it is
But I don’t have to except
That defeat
That final decision
Of one doctor saying
Your life is over
That’s the only thing
I’m in denial of
It must be a mistake


A piece of my world
Has fallen apart
Hearing you tell me you are dying
And there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening
There is no machine to go back into time
And remove all this pain I’m feeling
And erase the moment the doctor
No chance of help
As tears swell up
All I can do
Is look up into the night sky
To find a shooting star
And wish for as many things I can
Before it’s out of my sight
I wish you all the things that money can’t buy
I wish you a full life
I wish you peace from all your demons
I wish you actually knew
How special you are to me
I just wished you believed in what was real and staring you in your face
I wish this world had no diseases
Taking people that had so much to give
Way too soon
They are a small piece of a puzzle by many
But in my eyes the biggest piece of my soul
Now lost between the cracks
Given a life sentence
That could have been avoided
Missed by people counting pennies
Instead of looking at the test
For abnormalities
To save a life
That meant so much to me


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