Society is not living like a secret
Long ago
When the word sex
Was a word never spoken out loud
Sex is on the internet
On television
In books
Done in public at times
And people in general
Are not going away
Educate these children
So they will not be a statistic
Anyone that looks at children
In a sexual way is a threat
Unprepared children
Raised by someone that still in that belief
If they don’t educate about sex
It will stop a child from growing up
When their body is developing
Boys and girls are being looked at
Talked to because they are looking older physically
People preying on that naiveness
And lack of education
Using peer pressure to ring them in
It’s a shock
In this society
Children are not equipped with important knowledge
That sex has consequences
It can produce life
Or it can take life away
With a deadly disease
For a child
Not prepared to say no
That will tell someone that can help stop it
If they feel used or abused
Or became pregnant
I am not understanding
It is not a conversation
Being had
It’s unbelievable
Girls are still hiding pregnancy from family and friends
In fear of disappointing loved ones
In fear of being teased by everyone
A child
Becoming a mother
Unable to appreciate
What life that grows in her
Hiding and alone
Where no one can help her
Where no one can support her
Where no one can be with her
Telling her things will be alright
Giving birth to a deadly situation
A child that no one wanted
Born in this world
Tossed in a garbage bend


Without the power to cry
Muffled by
A cord that nourished him in the womb
And the same cord killing him with every breath he tries to grasp
Tightening more and more around his throat
His spirit was strong
His fight was long
For the few minutes
He came into this world
Because a child
Was not taught
About the consequences of sex
Or how to say no to peer pressure


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