You come from a life of singularity
Now you’re banging at the door
Waiting to be let in
The world of couples

Some people are just not meant
To cross into that place
After years
Getting no where

Keeping up an appearance
In everyone’s eyes
Of being a couple
Playing house

Without the commitment
You decided
To do something different
Going for something

You’re not ready for
That is not part of
Who you really are
And not a normal life for you

What you are
Is a player
Or a hoe
Whichever you prefer

It’s funny
You want to be part of a family
In holy matrimony
Doing things like others

Trying to fit in
Like your friends
That have grown up
Now married with a family

Saying your ready to be part of that world
But you don’t know what to do
Acting like a moron
You can not play stupid
This time

When the internet
Has examples of how to do it
Or be simple
Be original

Express what your heart feels
In that moment
You should know what that is
I hope

To say how you feel
How if I’d never became part of your life
How your life would be without me

A big bang
Echoed in my ears
Making my ears ring
As I looked down

At a shotgun hole
Where my heart use to be
It was a flash of light
That passed by me

He threw me a lame marriage proposal
That made my stomach drop
And crys of joy became
So dry it was a desert

I saw him on bending knee
Felt a slapped on my butt
Like his team won the series
Then uttering something like your part of the family now

Left in shock without words
As he slipped the ring on my finger
Without me answering him
Standing there in disbelief


The assumption I would accept
Such a lack of effort
In the most beautiful place
A scene in the movies

All you had to do was
Use it
Act like you cared
Just a little more than your effort

It felt like you did it to shut me up from complaining
Or keep me from leaving you
And it didn’t work
I’m done


β€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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