We are part of
The greatest illusionist and hypnotist
Trick performed
In the world

We see illusions of freedom
While we work in a free ranged prison
We have been hypnotized to be on invisible ropes
Around our waist


It allows us to walk and run about
But if we get too far
From where we are not allowed to be
We are jerked back to reality

Falling on our butts
And slapped in the face with a huge dose of wake the hell up
Followed by an abrupt tug of the rope
And a kick in the gut

A voice from inside
Your head saying
Get back in line
And know your position

Did you really feel that you were
Getting somewhere
Or did you already know
You were getting no where fast

We wake up
We eat
We work
We sleep
We occasional have peace and quiet

If you look closely to that peace and quiet time
You are actually
Doing a voluntary
Confinement to your homes
Once you’ve completed you workday

Do you see the guards all around
The boss you work for
Pays you less than you’re worth
The government you pay money to
Buying things you never see

The police you believe are here
To serve and protect
Never around
Then pop up when you don’t need them

You hit two clocks
The alarm clock
You hit after it wakes you up
Then a time clock
You hit to document the time you put in

Do you not
See the same places
Over and over again
Looking out windows
Wishing you were somewhere else

We are
Stuck in limbo
Never getting where we really want to go
Just in a hurry for what

Do you see the routine
That you follow daily
Work Spend and Pay Taxes

Why would you speed up the pace
Just to get tired sooner than later
But of course to stop and stand still
Is not an option

Or you’ll fly off the theoretical treadmill
And everyone behind you
Move it
Then stepping over you
To take your place


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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