It’s an epidemic
It’s an evil that touches all us
One way or another

Yet innocent children
The highest risk
Violence is making itself present
Always around innocent eyes

Grandparents house
Playing outside
Family gatherings
Public spaces

This could be the day
Someone innocent dies
Over someone else’s rage
Or mental instability

If I can’t have you no one will
Is a very known comment
With people with no conscious

Instead of the victim
Picking up the phone
Calling for help
The first time an incident happens

Having the abuser removed
Locked away for the crime
The person that had gotten their butt beaten
Apologies for their abuser’s madness

Killing what was left of their self esteem
Turning over to the devil
Thinking those magic words
Of I’m sorry
Would make everything much better

When mommy and daddy love/hate one another
More hate than love
The real part of their Love
Was lost long ago

When that first backhand came
Then followed by another
All these babies
have grown up too fast

Desensitized by violence
On tv
On the streets
At school
At home

Seeing images of
Physical abuse
Emotional abuse

Flying fists
Being chased by a knife
A gun
A baseball bat
A car

Dishes crashing
Against everything
Ducking for cover
Become a reflex like breathing

Watching dad and mom
Run from one room to another
Beating one another to a pulp

Young babies are scared
Hiding under the bed or in the closet
Covering their ears
To muffle the sounds of the screaming and crying

Bigger babies are jumping in
To help their mother
Protecting her
When it’s not a child’s place

The job of a father and a mother
They are suppose to create a safe haven
A child should never have to experience violence
At the least
In their own home
Because the world has enough violence

How can this child believe they are safe
Destruction of their parents beautiful body
Beaten bruised broken bones hidden from outsiders
Like a government secret

Mentally broken of feeling worthless and unloved
Because the abuser said it was so
I love you more than anyone will
No one will love you more than I

Destruction of trust the child has for it’s parents
Because no one has taking responsibility
No one thought what was best for the child
In a broken dysfunctional home

Destruction of innocence
Rather than being carefree
Thinking of school crushes
Good grades
And where to go to college

They have mental and emotional instability
Carrying the heaviest burden



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