My memory is fading so rapidly
I fear this world
Needs to be smaller
So I’d feel much taller

A recurring dream
Would come to me
Every night
When I was little

People would walk in a hurry
Here and there
Never to look up
To see me flying

So freely
Like a female Peter Pan
Gliding on the winds
Beneath me

Soaring above the clouds
Almost touching the stars
And diving to the ground
As if I was crashing

Pulling up at last minute
Was like eating Popeye’s spinach
Feeling that adrenaline rush
Coarsing through my veins

Making me stronger
And stronger
I would start
Laughing hysterically
Like a hyena

I was loving it
Each time
Time after another
Attempting to fly higher and higher

In the morning
I would always gain
A new perspective
Of this scary world
I would see daily

In my dream
Everything so much smaller
A little less scarier
For a child
Growing up
To a teen
Then to a woman

At the end of each dream
It was harder
And harder to come down
I would have to grab
For anything and everything

That would help me
Pull back to reality
From my wonderful dream
I never wanted to wake up from
Because I felt so free

Since I’ve tasted the sweetness of freedom as a child
I wish for
That recurring dream
Now that I’m older
But it’s just a distant memory
That I can not recover


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