Today’s judgement day
I’m drawing a line in the sand
Who’s with me
Or against me
Pick a side
There is no middle

I often have sleepless nights
I toss and turn
Waiting for exhaustion to take over
To put me into a deep sleep

I’ve stepped back in my corner
So I can see them coming from all over
Who will come for me
Or who will help

My defenses are up
Even in my dreams
They start coming for me
One after the other

Like they are multiplying
I am fighting all my enemies from within
They have faces of strangers,friends and family
As I push off one after another

Another returns
Coming for my juggler
They laugh in my face
They pat me on my back

Then they have the nerve
To have their hand out
Saying they care
But when I call for them

They disappear
Nowhere to be found
I’ve listened to their sob story
But in the end

They are just full of it
Just looking for a payout
They’ve lied to me
They’ve stole from me

They’ve borrowed from me
They’ve told lies on me
They’ve never even known me
Judging me without appoaching me

All the while thinking I was a big dumby
But it wasn’t me being a dumby
It was called kindness
And you thought it was my weakness

Until I turned tables on you
And exposed your truth
A pretender
Pretending to be human

So stop coming for me
Because you will be the one left looking
Like stupidty
Branded and shamed
Like you should be


– Yellowbonewonda

β€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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